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The possible date of season 3 has been leaked

The possible date of season 3 has been leaked

from Sarah Petzold
As part of Blizzcon 2023, screenshots have emerged indicating when Diablo 4 Season 3 will start. The date is slightly different from previous assumptions, but it makes perfect sense.

The end of Season 2 heralds the beginning of Season 3 in Diablo 4 – that’s what we’ve assumed so far, at least based on experiences from Season 1. There was no break between the two seasons before the start of the second season, which is why the release of the third season was expected to coincide with the end of the second season on January 23, 2024. But now the leak indicates a different date.

Will there be a break of several days between classes?

Because at Blizzcon 2023, a screenshot of the internal developer build of Diablo 4 showed that January 26, 2024 is the end date of Season 2. This date may not be the end date at all, but it is the start date of Season 3. Therefore, Season 2 will end on January 23, 2023, as currently shown on the live servers.

There are two details that speak of a break of several days between the second and third seasons: First, the change between the first and second seasons was so bumpy that taking a break for the team after the end of the second season was definitely a good decision. . Second, Community Manager Adam Fletcher confirmed in a tweet that releasing a new season during the week wasn’t ideal. Therefore, the release of future seasons must be delayed until the end of the week so that players have the opportunity to start with the new content immediately on the weekend.

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Since January 26, 2024 falls on a Friday, it is conceivable that this date marks the release date of Season 3. Since the end of Season 2 has already been set on the live servers on January 23, 2024, we think it is unlikely that the developers will postpone this date again.

source: Wowhead