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Tom Holland needs a break

Tom Holland needs a break

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Tom Holland had a major influence on the filming of The Crowded Room. © Kay Blake / ZUMA Press Wire / dpa

Filming in the series “The Crowded Room” greatly broke Tom Holland. The actor has to recover from that first.

LOS ANGELES – Hollywood star Tom Holland (Spider-Man) said he needed a break after filming the drama “The Crowded Room.” “I’m no stranger to working hard,” the 27-year-old Briton told the American portal “Extra”. “I really enjoyed it, but on the other hand, the show also broke me.”

Holland explained that he had to take a week’s vacation at the beach in Mexico. “Now I’m taking a year off.”

The series, which Holland also helped produce, is based on a true case from the 1970s. Briton plays a confused young man who gets caught up in a shootout. The actor confirmed that filming was definitely difficult for him. “We explored some emotions that I definitely hadn’t experienced before, and as a producer dealing with the day-to-day issues of a film set, it just added an extra layer of pressure.”

The ten-part miniseries “The Crowded Room,” also starring Amanda Seyfried, is set to appear on the Apple TV+ streaming service starting June 9. dpa

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