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Anna Ermakova is surprised by her confession of the relationship

Anna Ermakova is surprised by her confession of the relationship

Anna Ermakova spoke about the status of her relationship.Photo: Imago Pictures/Panama Pictures


Jana Eiserbeck

For Anna Ermakova, the trip to the German TV scene was worth it. In “Let’s Dance” she danced her way into the hearts of both the audience and the judging panel and eventually managed to leave the show as the winner along with professional dancer Valentin Lucin. A lot has changed since I was on the show. Now Anna Ermakova is in great demand and soon she can be seen on other German TV formats. A lot has also changed in her private life, as she surprisingly revealed.

In fact, Anna keeps her private life, at least the part that isn’t occupied by her father, Boris Becker, out of the public eye. All that was known was that she had a boyfriend of a few years. In 2020, both of them were also photographed kissing on the streets of London. He also lives in London and visited her in Germany during Let’s Dance. But now Anna surprisingly reveals her relationship status: “We’re not together anymore.”

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Anna Ermakova wants to reorient herself

She did not reveal the reason for the couple’s separation. Just a tiny bit for whoever draws the line. However, in an interview with “picture“She’s obviously doing very well after the breakup. The focus will now be on work for now. She’ll have to see where the journey takes her.”

Anyway, not only does she have to live her life without her boyfriend, but also without “Let’s Dance”, the daily rehearsal and weekly performances. It says “a little low” because of the change.

Anna Ermakova ‘falls’ after ‘Let’s Dance’ finale

It’s still not clear what’s next for her. First she will spend some time with her friends in London. But she makes it clear: “I like a challenge and something that drives me.” Says. She wants to make people smile and so she can only imagine more TV shows.

It remains to be seen if she will also be drawn to Germany for a longer period of time. She will be returning home to her father Boris Becker on the Let’s Dance tour in November at the latest. She is really looking forward to it.