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Tom Kaulitz: Heidi is in a relationship with him and his brother Bill

Tom Kaulitz: Heidi is in a relationship with him and his brother Bill

Tom Kaulitz (32) Only available in double pack! Guitarist and his twin brother law Project (32) Inseparable: The two don’t just play together Tokyo hotel, but is also constantly connected individually. In 2019 a third member joined the little gang: Tom married / married Heidi Klum (49). Since then, the trio spend every minute together, which is about that wild speculation It led to a threesome relationship. Now the twins explained it Heidi It is actually somewhat with both!

“We’re so close! If you get to know one but don’t like the other, things won’t go well in the long run,” he explained Tom Relationship with Bill in the magazine Annabelle. If you don’t kiss your brother, you don’t love every part of him. indeed Heidi I immediately understood the close relationship between the two and even thought it was good. “It was clear to her from the start: I love both of them. I’m in a relationship with both.”Bell explained.

in Toms Previous relationship, the love triangle didn’t work out because the women in Belle were competing for Toms love saw. in Heidi Be this for the first time It was differentTrio completed. “In return, I will leave Tom Go away a little. but with Heidi It was the first time I liked it because I saw how good it was for him.”Bell mentioned.

Heidi Klum and Tom and Bill Kaulitz, July 2021 in Capri
Tom Kaulitz, Heidi Klum and Bill Kaulitz in October 2019
Tom Kaulitz and Heidi Klum, June 2019 in Paris