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Max Verstappen could be in pole position at Haas

Max Verstappen could be in pole position at Haas

( – The 2023 Formula 1 season is being dominated by Max Verstappen. The Dutchman has won 10 of his first 12 races, and recently even won eight in a row. In the history of the first division, Sebastian Vettel has the longest streak ahead of him.

Helmut Marko will also trust Max Verstappen to achieve the best results with smaller teams

The German even won nine consecutive times for Red Bull at the end of the 2013 season. As always, the question arises: What part does the driver have in a series like this and what part does the car play? In Verstappen’s case, Helmut Marko has a clear opinion.

“The Max will be in a class of its own in every car,” he explains in an exclusive interview with “” and confirms: “The Max from 2020 cannot be compared to the Max from 2023 – apart from the fact that the name is the same, and it has gained formidable lordship.”

“For me, he has always been the master of reading the race [Lewis] How did Hamilton split his tyres? Max has now caught up. If not better because it is better in core speed. There was an incredible maturation process.”

That’s why Marko is sure that Verstappen will also get good results in worse cars. Especially with the difficult conditions in qualifying, Austrian Verstappen would be able to pull off an exciting result or two.

In the last race before the summer break in Belgium, the world champion took eight-tenths of a second clear of the rest of the world in qualifying on a drying track. “If such conditions exist, he would put the AlphaTauri or Haas, which are qualified cars, in first place,” confirms Marko.

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Marko: Verstappen will not drive Formula 1 forever

However, in the long run Verstappen will not make him happy, Marco believes. He confirms and explains: “It is difficult to say how long he will be motivated to fight in AlphaTauri. Max is different. One day he will come and say: ‘Thank you, that’s all.'”

Red Bull’s current contract with Verstappen runs until the end of 2028. However, the two-time world champion has never hidden the fact that he will eventually leave Formula 1 if the stresses of travel etc become too much for him.

She will drive, said Verstappen, who therefore does not know how long he will remain in Formula 1.

Until his resignation, Helmut Marko & Co. still had a lot of fun with him.