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Anna Ermakova, daughter of Boris Becker, wins the 2023 Let’s Dance award

Anna Ermakova Won (23) in the RTL dance show “Let’s Dance”. The daughter of the former tennis star Boris Becker and model Angela Ermakova (Both 55) They greeted with their dance partner Valentine Lusin He (36) received the most public votes in the final on Friday night. The 23-year-old happily accepted the trophy. At the same time, she broke a record for the jury’s scores: in the final she bypassed the series of the top ten ratings of Ella finally.

Julia Biotics in second place, Philip Bowie in third place

During the live broadcast, Ermakova floated across the dance floor in a freestyle performance as Alice in Wonderland. Before that, she had played passionate tango and slow dance waltz with Lusin. “I came to Germany from England to dance. I never thought I’d be welcomed here with open arms,” ​​said the supermodel, clearly impressed, in a mixture of German and English.

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Ermakova referred actress and YouTuber Julia Biotics (24) With their dance partners Zsolt Sandor Cseke (35) In second place and former gymnast Philip Boy (35) With a professional dancer Patricia Ionel (28) In third place. For the first time since 2018, there were two women in the final. All can be consequences RTL+ to be checked.

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