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Trenkwalder is a full service 360° digital HR partner to LeadersNet

Trenkwalder is a full service 360° digital HR partner to LeadersNet

Trenkwalder is reorganizing itself and driving its outsourcing business. The new strategy is: From a temporary staffing agency to a fully digital 360° HR service partner.

Therefore “progress through digitization” is also the credo of Marc Pollock, Managing Director of Trenkwalder Austria and Germany. “For our customers, we are eye-level growth partners. In times of volatile markets, our agility and flexibility are more demanding than ever. With smart, individual business process outsourcing solutions, we help companies be able to focus on their core business.”

What is business process outsourcing?
Many companies currently need to take action in many areas and need to make their operations more digital and efficient – including human resources. By outsourcing, among other things, customer relationship management, IT support or data processing to “Trenkwalder BPO”, they achieve flexibility and cost-effectiveness. A customer who outsources Trenkwalder’s services not only has a partner who cares for those areas that are not part of the core business conscientiously and with a high level of expertise, but can also expect cost savings of 20 to 30 percent from the customer’s operation. costs.

Notable reference customers are Thalia and Weltbild D2C Group with the brands Weltbild, Jokers, bü, Gärtner Pötschke, Orbisana and children’s world tausendkind, which Trenkwalder supports in the area of ​​pre-sale and after-sales. “Weltbild was looking for a 5-star provider who would professionally handle all customer contact and sales support”says Christian Seiler, CEO of Weltbild D2C Group. “Our very good cooperation has been rewarded. Weltbild was recently awarded an award for excellent customer service for the third time in a row. This is a great success for our customer service team and partner Trenkwalder. Service quality and customer orientation are our success factors.”

Mark Pollock, Managing Director of Trenkwalder Austria & Germany © Trenkwalder Group

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Mark Pollock concludes: “It’s important to me to offer our clients the best solutions. We see ourselves as a digitally powered, people-oriented solution provider who creates a head start through digitization. In my opinion, this is also the future of the inclusive employee service provider.”

About Trenkwalder Personaldienst GmbH
Headquartered in Vienna, Trenkwalder Personaldienste GmbH is represented in more than 20 locations in Austria and offers temporary staffing, personnel consulting, outsourcing solutions and human resource services in the areas of training and further education as well as customer relationship management.

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