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Zitternberg - KSG: A new department has been created

Zitternberg – KSG: A new department has been created

KSG has created a new department: as a central point of contact for technical inquiries, Technical Support provides advice and accompaniment to developers and planners on the way to the best possible solution.

Make the right decisions before production

“Our service module supports companies from the very first moment of a product idea in an efficient development process. If you make the right decisions before production starts, you can avoid costly error loops and also ensure that you develop a circuit board that can be produced in series production and is optimally tailored to the requirements of the application,” he explains. Christoph Sofsky, Head of Distribution from KSG Group.

With the establishment of this division, the global printed circuit board manufacturer has consolidated its service competency for both locations into one unit. The range of services offered by the expert team ranges from answering technical questions and providing expert advice on design, layout and layer structure to high current and resistance calculations. In addition, Technical Support provides one-to-one support in the form of online consultations and in-house workshops to help companies find the most suitable and economical solution at an early stage of development.

In Gornsdorf in Saxony and in Zitternberg, KSG produces printed circuit boards in all technologies, from samples to serial production. With an annual turnover of EUR 125 million (2021) and about a thousand employees, KSG is one of the leading manufacturers of high-tech printed circuit boards, which are produced exclusively in Europe.