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Triforêt alpin.resort is officially opened in Hinterstoder

Triforêt alpin.resort is officially opened in Hinterstoder

Hints. Triforêt alpin.resort opened its doors in a festive atmosphere at Hutterer Boden in Hinterstoder. Invited guests were given an insight into the 20 free-standing chalets, the stunning main building – the former Berghotel Hinterstoder, and the Hutterer alpin restaurant.

After the first welcome drink with Alpengin at the entrance at, hotel manager Paul Schweiger and his team toured the hotel. Guests were given a glimpse of the 115-square-metre luxury penthouse just below the rooftop cascade, and visited the spa featuring daybeds, an indoor pool and a heated outdoor pool as well as a wellness area. “After many months of intense preparations, the biggest opening gift for us was the weather: everything is covered in snow and then the sun shines at the weekend – a winter dream has come true here in Trevoryt,” says Paul Schweiger.

Celebration Highlights: Opening Ceremony of Billy Thaner’s Harmony Above

The opening ceremony for Billy Thaner’s sculpture “Harmony Above” could not have been more atmospheric. Amidst light snowfall and accompanied by Hinterstoder brass instruments, Michael Fröhlich explained how the vision became a reality and how he wanted to create a shining monument to the place of power that he had always carried in his heart since his childhood, even during his many stays. outside.

Reflecting a fascinating blend of land art and contemporary installation, the “Harmony on High” sculpture consists of an eight-metre-high platform artistically constructed from the wood of the surrounding forest. The stunning appearance of the raised stand, designed in an eye-catching neon pink, intentionally stands out from the natural surroundings. Actress, author, and Jane Goodall Institute member emeritus, Lillian Klebo, gave the speech and invited guests to pause briefly and enjoy the atmosphere surrounded by nature for a moment.

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“After two years of construction, there was a certain tension in the air about how Trevoret would turn out. We welcomed the first guests at the opening and heard an overwhelming response from many. It is a relief to see everything finished,” says builder Alois Aigner.