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TSMC in Arizona: Tesla’s new 4 nm chips are also “Made in America”

TSMC in Arizona: Tesla’s new 4 nm chips are also “Made in America”

Image: Tesla

TSMC’s new chip factory in the US is getting more popular customers. According to media reports, Tesla will also rely on “Made in the USA” chips, thus partially replacing Samsung as the previous supplier. Over time, Tesla could become one of TSMC’s top 7 customers.

A few weeks ago there was a rumor that Tesla would be targeting DSMC. According to a series of media reports in Asia, action has now been taken.The new Fab 21, which TSMC calls the location in Arizona, will produce chips for Apple, AMD and Nvidia from the end of 2024, but also the N4 process for Tesla.

According to Media reports From Asia, US factory Tesla could even be a top 3 customer. Apple is probably at the top, and as is well known, they are already advertising with more reports in this regard.Chips made in the USA“. Your previously domestic US-made Mac Pro was transferred to Vietnam.

TSMC is set to produce new FSD chips, the components Tesla needs Fully self-driving (FSD) is required. So far, Samsung has taken on this task; The 14 nm process was used most recently. With the change of contract manufacturer, the chip is expected to jump to the next generation as well. Rumors have already talked about three times the performance of the current chip.

TSMC wins Qualcomm as a modem customer

DSMC has another niche too good news. Qualcomm will be Apple’s modem supplier for a little longer than Apple originally planned. Accordingly, work on an in-house modem solution will be very slow, and Qualcomm will need one more supplier. And Qualcomm, falling back on TSMC and using the N7 process, is currently experiencing a massive drop in demand. Here, Qualcomm can benefit from quickly available excess capacity, while TSMC fills factories with orders again. Loser: Again, it’s Samsung, which has been producing Qualcomm modems at 14 nm until now.

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