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Turquoise green extends family members bonus to retirees

The federal government is making improvements to the welfare reform: pensioners must now also receive 1,500 euros a year. The decision has been postponed.

In the context of sponsorship reform, the Alliance is making improvements to the reward for relatives. The president of the ÖVP club said that 1,500 euros a year (when taking care of people of care level 4) should now also come to pensioners August Woeginger It was announced on Thursday in Ö1 “Morgenjournal”. So the relevant part will not be decided on Thursday, but most likely in September by the National Assembly. This won’t change anything when it comes into effect in 2023.

She said the group of beneficiaries will triple, and about 50,000 people will be added to the initial 24,000. Austria has about 950,000 interested relatives. In addition to retirees, other people can also receive the bonus, for example caregivers who are about to retire. The ÖVP club said these details must first be determined. In any case, nothing will change in terms of Care Level 4 as a prerequisite.

Implementation of an initiative called “Rocket Carrier”

The decision on the bonus will be removed from the reform package pending today in the National Assembly, at the same time the initiative proposal will be used as a parliamentary “launcher” to ensure that the revised decision can be taken in September.

In addition, the ÖVP and the Greens are submitting a non-independent motion for a resolution calling on the Minister of Social Affairs to introduce a government bill “that creates an opportunity for close relatives, such as pensioners, along with many other care and welfare relatives, who are entitled to a care allowance from Level 4 in a home environment, to give a relative reward, for referral to make a decision.”

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