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Twitter buy: Musk wants to start layoffs

Twitter employees are expected to find out via email Friday if they are still operating the online service after the Elon Musk takeover. The letter will be supplemented with the topic “Your Role on Twitter,” the company announced yesterday (local time) in a regular email published by several US media outlets.

Half of the jobs are wobbly

According to media reports, with 3,700 jobs, almost every second job could be lost to SMS. Tech billionaire Musk completed his purchase of Twitter for approximately $44 billion last week.

According to the post, employees who can stay on Twitter must receive the email at their company address by 9:00 AM WEST on Friday (5:00 PM CET). Anyone who loses their job will receive information about the next steps to their own email address.

Offices are still closed

She said Twitter offices will remain closed on Friday and all access cards will be deactivated. This should be a precautionary measure to prevent any acts of protest by the released.

The post said the job cuts were “unfortunately necessary to ensure the company’s future success”. Twitter has been in the red lately. Musk also took out about $13 billion in loans for the takeover deal — and according to media reports, their service requires more money than Twitter’s business generates in free money.

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