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Vorerst kauft die KTM AG 25,1 % an MV Agusta

KTM AG buys 25.1 percent of MV Agusta Motor SpA / MotoGP

KTM AG, a subsidiary of the Pierer Mobility Group, takes global sales of MV Agusta and holds 25.1 percent of the Italian luxury brand.

On September 21, 2022, the Austrian company Pierer Mobility AG announced an agreement with the Italian company MV Agusta Motor SpA, which included the general distribution of the premium brand MV Agusta in North America. Until then, one could imagine that this collaboration was just the beginning of a bigger deal. As KTM AG, a 100% subsidiary of Pierer Mobility AG, has acquired sales, marketing and customer support for the MV Agusta range of motorcycles for the USA, Canada and Mexico markets through select KTM dealers as well as existing and new MV Agusta stores.

As announced last Monday, this cooperation with the Italian motorcycle manufacturer based in Schiranna, a suburb of Varese, is now being expanded, as the Pierer Group officially confirmed Thursday evening after the stock exchange closed.

For a few days, it was speculated that CEO Stephane Perrier would soon take over MV Agusta after KTM, Husqvarna and GASGAS. Styrian was turned down several times by VW Group for his intention to buy Ducati Motor and had already told in August 2022 that MV Agusta was the only remaining Italian producer he was interested in.

With its stake in MV Agusta, the KTM lineup could one day include three- and four-cylinder motorcycles in its model range. So far, the offer has been limited to two-cylinder bikes.

Perrier’s interest in the Triumph and its three-cylinder concepts waned long ago in August 2022. “Because the English left the EU, so that’s no longer an issue. So we only have two Italian brands left in Europe. One was a Ducati, the other an MV Agusta,” Perrier said. .

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Today, PIERER Mobility AG and MV Agusta confirmed the expansion of strategic cooperation. The sales of the Italian luxury brand are held worldwide by the Austrians, which wants to cross the 100 million-euro sales mark for the first time in 2021 and triple that amount in the following three years.

To this end, KTM AG will initially acquire 25.1% of MV Agusta Motor SpA in November 2022

Within the new strategic partnership between KTM AG, a subsidiary of PIERER Mobility AG and MV Agusta, there will also be active parts supply and supply chain support. MV Agusta will offer part of its model range through the global sales network of PIERER Mobility AG.

And in November 2022, KTM AG will acquire a 25.1% stake in MV Agusta Motor SpA in Varese (Italy) through a capital increase.