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Twitter, Facebook, Bluesky… and now also Topics: The…

Twitter, Facebook, Bluesky… and now also Topics: The…

Facebook has finally launched a version of Twitter called Threads. What you have to say can now be broadcast to the wider world via another channel! So, first put a nice thought (“Good morning!”) in a sentence – then first post a “Good morning!” On X (and he still says it on Twitter). Repost the same sentence (“Good morning!”) on Bluesky. To get the point across, post the sentence (“Good morning!”) on the mastodon. (Does anyone actually still use that?) And then you write it on the threads. (“Good morning!”)

Then of course you should also serve your friends on Instagram. In this case, take a photo of your first coffee (or cocoa) and post it with a nice caption (“Good morning!”). To save a little time, select the option so that the entry (“Good morning!”) is also displayed with the photo on Facebook. Then make a little movie with your coffee (or cocoa) and post it on TikTok with a cute sentence (“Good morning!”).

By the time you’re done with all this, it will be midday. Maybe it’s time to put a nice idea out into the world… so let’s first write “meal!” On X… (Echo)

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