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Twitter: Musk plans a new body to make fundamental decisions

As the new owner of Twitter, billionaire Elon Musk wants to create a new body to deal with controversial content. “There should be no important decisions about content policy or account recovery,” Musk wrote on Twitter yesterday before this board meeting. So the account of former President Donald Trump, which Musk has been discussing for the past few months, should not be expected to be activated immediately.

Details of the planned body are not yet known. Facebook’s Meta group has had an independent panel of experts for some time that can reverse post deletion and account bans. Board decisions are binding on management.

Referring to Trump, this body ensured that the former president’s initial indefinite ban on Facebook would be changed to one year. Experts have argued that Facebook’s rules only provide for temporary bans. Now the group will check in January if Trump can return to the podium. On Twitter, the previous administration has always emphasized that there is no way to go back after the ban. Musk announced that the ban would be lifted “for life.”

Twitter before an uncertain future

Musk completed the acquisition of the online service for about $44 billion the previous day. The company has notified the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to delist it, thus confirming the completion of the acquisition. Top executives had to leave the company before the $44 billion deal was even officially confirmed. Musk appears to want to take the top position himself, reportedly. Only one thing seems clear at the moment: The new chapter of Twitter still contains a lot of mystery.

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