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Investors Against Mountains of Plastic - Step Two: Where Are the Opportunities?

Investors Against Mountains of Plastic – Step Two: Where Are the Opportunities?

In the series “What? Can Investors Do Against Mountains of Plastic? “We analyze how investors can make a positive contribution. Step Two: Where are the opportunities?

From an investor’s perspective, we are dealing with environmental, social and corporate governance risks in the mountains of plastic. There are similarities with climate change, but there are also differences. Governments and international organizations have recognized the urgent need for action. It is equally certain that it will take significant resources and global efforts to reduce the production of plastic – especially single-use plastic – and to encourage recycling. The state can set the pace here, but the private sector has to keep development going.[1]

There are many things companies can do to reduce the use of plastic. Wide use can reduce the sector’s dependence on plastics. have Three important courses of action specific, which could contribute to systemic changes if they are widely applied in different sectors along the plastic value chain.

in focus

plastic regulation

Europe, India, South Korea and China are among the first major countries to begin banning single-use plastic. The single-use plastics directive of the European Union aims to “reduce or eliminate the negative impact of some plastic products on the environment and human health”. It also aims to promote the transition to a circular economy.

French waste reduction law emphasizes once again the polluter pays principle. It also creates new tools to facilitate identification and punishment of environmental damage and to support businesses with environmental initiatives.

project EU classification It indicates that most of the plastic in the European Union is used for packaging and also accounts for the largest share of plastic waste. The draft therefore specifically addresses the production of plastic packaging. Explicit criteria for a circular economy (recycling or bioplastics) are given here. Plastic packaging must also be designed in such a way that it can be reused or recycled.

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in focus

Plastic recycling as an important opportunity

distance Ellen MacArthur Foundation Estimates It can achieve the circular economy of plastics by 2040

  • reduce the amount of plastic entering the oceans annually by 80%,
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25%,
  • Save $200 billion every year
  • 700,000 net new jobs created.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a non-governmental organization funded by charities, public bodies, and corporations, has developed a vision for a circular plastic economy. It should show that change is possible. The basic idea is that all the plastic things we use should remain in the economic cycle and not go into the environment, so that in the end the plastic is Reuse endlessly Become. The used plastic will then return to the economy as a raw material and can be used sustainably. The plastic would then have its place alongside the new plastic alternatives currently being developed. In this way, plastic production can be further reduced, hopefully.[2]

to Lyudmila Strakodonskaya, Responsible Investment Analyst and Jules Arnault, Influencer Investment Analyst at AXA IM Core

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