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Twitter plans to serve video ads and increase the number of employees

Twitter plans to serve video ads and increase the number of employees

After the personnel cuts made by Elon Musk, it will now be increased again. New boss Yaccarino also plans to partner with Google.

According to a press report, Twitter’s new head Linda Iaccarino is planning a series of actions to win back advertisers who left under owner and owner Elon Musk. This includes the introduction of a video advertising service, increased collaboration with celebrities and an increase in the number of employees for the SMS service, the Financial Times wrote on Wednesday.

So users should see full-screen ads with sound when scrolling through a new short video feed, the paper reports, citing three people familiar with the matter. Twitter is also in negotiations for an overall partnership with Google that includes advertising and access to some of Twitter’s data. Existing contracts with technology companies such as Amazon, Salesforce and IBM will be expanded into broader partnerships. Twitter did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment.

Since taking power at Twitter, Musk has transformed the social media platform in leaps and bounds. There were mass layoffs and heavy criticism over what was seen as lax content moderation and a significant drop in advertisers. Advertisers were concerned that their ads might appear alongside inappropriate content and suspended their ads as a result.

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