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Two new Cormac McCarthy novels this year

Nearly 16 years after his bestselling book The Way, American author Cormac McCarthy is publishing two new novels this year. “The Traveler” is set to appear on October 25, Stella Maris Publishing announced on November 22. The two books, related in content, are about the story of siblings Bobby and Alicia Western and are separated by eight years.

German language translations are published by Rowohlt Verlag at the same time. Roult’s publisher, Nicola Bartels, said, “This dual novel about the limits of human cognitive abilities is the literary and philosophical legacy of one of America’s greatest literature and an incomparable intellectual pleasure to read.”

The 88-year-old, one of the most successful and important authors of his generation in the US, has published about a dozen works to date – but not a novel since the bestseller “Die Straße” in 2006. Among other things, McCarthy earned A Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award, many of his works have been photographed, including No Country for Old Men.

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