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Two years imprisonment for the catalytic converter thief

Two years imprisonment for the catalytic converter thief


The Regional Court today sentenced a 46-year-old man to two years in prison, including eight months non-parole, for stealing more than 300 car catalytic converters as part of a gang in 2013.

“The judiciary was not working so slowly. The prosecutor explained that he was on the run, which is why the Serbian man has now been brought to justice. When he returned to Austria at the beginning of the year, the handcuffs clicked on the face of the accused, who was still wanted. He has been detained ever since .

Catalytic converters are cut with a chainsaw

According to the indictment, in the summer and fall of 2013, he and at least three other long-convicted felons cut catalytic converters from parked cars with a hacksaw. The prosecutor said the gang “literally searched Vienna for suitable triggers in teams of two, and carefully selected search areas.” A profitable business can be made using stolen catalytic converters. According to the prosecutor, they were sold for profit in Serbia. The 46-year-old was charged with damages exceeding 200,000 euros.

The accused denied guilt

“He never touched the catalytic converter. Defense lawyer Roland Freis maintained that he only booked hotels for acquaintances. However, as time passed, he noticed the devious business they were doing: 'Then it became clear to him what the whole thing was about.'

A panel of lay judges (chaired by Patricia Coppinger-Baum) did not believe this was responsible. The decisive factor in this was the incriminating information provided by former members of the criminal organization. One even described the 46-year-old as the “chairman” of the group working in Vienna.

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