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U17 World Cup: Germany continues after thrill

U17 World Cup: Germany continues after thrill

The Germany U17 national team advanced to the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Indonesia, defeating the United States. Without the injured Azan Ouydrogo, the German youth team struggled to advance to the next round with a 3-2 win over the Americans in the round of 16 in Bandung.

The winner of the match was HSV talent Bilal Yalcinkaya (87th), who scored decisively with the first touch of a converted ball shortly before the end.

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Coach Christian Wouk’s side got off to a powerful start: first Paris Brunner missed twice against keeper Adam Beaudry, before Charles Herrmann (14th) flicked a free kick beautifully into the right corner from almost 20 metres.

But the lead didn’t last long, as the US stepped up and scored a deserved equalizer through Taha Habrun (24th). But this time Germany countered quickly. A flat cross from Herrmann found Max Morstedt (34′) center forward to make it 2-1.

In the second half, the USA dominated the action and equalized again through substitute David Vazquez (80th), who also scored on a free kick. But Germany again showed strong determination and took the lead for the third time through Yalcinkaya.

Game 1 TICKER has game to read.

+++ Final whistle, Germany – USA 3:2 +++

After a tough fight in the World Cup, Germany won and advanced to the quarter-finals. The opponent in this match is Spain.

+++ 90+4. Min, Germany – USA 3:2 +++

Another free kick, again by Corcoran, but the American’s effort goes wide to the right of goal.

+++ 90+3. Min, Germany – USA 3:2 +++

Germany is now doing its best to stay ahead of the curve and focus on defensive work.

+++ 90th minute, Germany – USA 3:2 +++

Six minutes of injury time separate the DFB from a fourth win in a row. But the US is trying to equalize. Finally, Corcoran’s long-range shot forced Schmidt into a brilliant save. If there is a tie, it immediately goes to penalties.

+++ 87th minute, Germany – USA 3:2 +++

Unbelievable! Germany counterattacked again. Bilal Yalcinkaya beat two Americans in the penalty area and converted a short corner from a tight angle. It’s a special story for the second-nominated goalscorer.

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+++ 80th minute, Germany – USA 2:2 +++

Cheeky, America equals! Vasquez takes a free kick from the right edge of the penalty area directly at the German goal. A low shot goes wide of the box without a defender being able to clear the ball. Max Schmitt is very unhappy in the goal of the national team and cannot act on time.

+++ 78th minute, Germany – USA 2:1 +++

America now has the upper hand in terms of the game, but in the end they lose time and time again due to the German defensive line, which shows good fighting behavior.

+++ 74th minute, Germany – USA 2:1 +++

Germany struggled to create dangerous scoring chances after the restart, while the US tried to equalize. After a corner, Herrmann once again fired the ball from the backline towards the opponent’s goal. The act is not really dangerous.

+++ 67th minute, Germany – USA 2:1 +++

Gradually the game picks up again. After a big chance for Germany, Ramszak had to block a dangerous shot from Medina. Goalkeeper Max Schmidt didn’t have to intervene.

+++ 66th minute, Germany – USA 2:1 +++

Great opportunity for German U17. Herrmann confirmed his third goal with his cross. However, Morsted put his header well over the box.

+++ 63rd minute, Germany – USA 2:1 +++

Germany is changing. Winners Mark Osaway and Almukhera Khabar play for Faisal Harchoui and top talent Noah Darwich. Darwich’s fielding is sure to be a surprise.

+++ 56th minute, Germany – USA 2:1 +++

Another controversial situation in the penalty area. Hennig receives a cross from America, who then calls for a penalty. As in the first half, the referee decides against a penalty.

+++ 53rd minute, Germany – USA 2:1 +++

The USA got off to a good start after the break. Ramczak comes in too late against Cairol Figueroa and gives his opponent a dangerous free kick position. However, the following low shot gets caught in the wall.

+++ 49th minute, Germany – USA 2:1 +++

Surprisingly, after almost 50 minutes, the USA had significantly more possession with 66 percent. The 82 percent pass rate so far is higher than DFB’s. However, Germany are 5-1 when converting possession into chances.

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+++ Second half kick-off, Germany – USA 2:1 +++

Things continued in the second half and got the ball rolling.

+++ Half time, Germany – USA 2:1 +++

Half time in Indonesia! Overall, DFB lead 2-1 in a tricky game. Herrmann (1:0) and Morstedt (2:1) scored two goals for the German national team. On the other hand, Taha Hebron (1:1) was successful for America.

+++ 45th minute, Germany – USA 2:1 +++

There are four minutes on top of the usual 45 minutes. Germany regained the lead and took control of the game again.

+++ 43rd minute, Germany – USA 2:1 +++

Germany’s next chance. Again it’s Silva Moreira asserting himself down the right looking for the finish. However, American keeper Beaudry blocks a shot by FC St. Paul’s players.

+++ 40th minute, Germany – USA 2:1 +++

Five minutes before half-time, it was clear that both teams were trying too hard to cause problems for their opponents. A competitive game lacks speed and goal area displays.

+++ 34th minute, Germany – USA 2:1 +++

The German team lead again! Da Silva Moreira made a great solo move down the right and sent the ball to Herrmann. In this action, the goal scorer keeps an eye on his teammate and plays the ball flat into the backline to make it 1-0. Center forward Max Morsted sneaks in there and surely can make it 2-1.

+++ 29th minute, Germany – USA 1:1 +++

Compensation is not undeserved. The USA relaxed the game and became significantly more active in the last few minutes. This is the third goal for the German team in the current tournament.

+++ 24th minute, Germany – USA 1:1 +++

Shock for the DFB team! Nowhere more or less, America comes to balance. Defense chief Finn Jeltsch can’t clear a cross from 15-year-old Nimfasha Bergimas and sends the ball to the feet of Taha Habrun. The American keeps his nerve and pushes the ball into the narrow corner.

+++ 20th minute, Germany – USA 1:0 +++

Even after the opening goal, DFB kept everything under control. Christian Wouk’s team are safe at the back and try to switch quickly.

+++ 14th minute, Germany – USA 1:0 +++

A dream goal for the German team. Again it’s a free kick for Germany, but from the other side of the field. Charles Guablon beautifully converted Hermann’s free kick into the top right corner from almost 20 metres.

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+++ 11th minute, Germany – USA 0:0 +++

Germany are playing well and have their first big chance. After receiving a free kick from the left half of the field, Paris Brunner was free to head the ball. Beaudry, who was trembling a moment ago, stands agitated this time.

+++ 9th minute, Germany – USA 0:0 +++

Maximilian Hennig made a good move on the left edge of the penalty area and took the first corner for DFB. Beaudry, the American goalkeeper, was initially unable to clear the ball decisively, but the goal was not won.

+++ 5th minute, Germany – USA 0:0 +++

The game’s first controversial scene. Max Morstead was brought down in the USA penalty area after a bit of a tackle. However, the Chinese referee allows the game to continue. VAR will not interfere in the action either.

+++ Kick-off, Germany – USA 0:0 +++

It starts at Jalak Harupat Stadium in Indonesia. It was about reaching the quarter finals of the U17 World Cup. Germany starts with the following order: Schmidt – Da Silva Moreira, Geltsch, Odoku, Hennig – Ramczak, Harchouy, Darwich – Brunner, Morstedt, Herrmann

+++ Bitter defeat in Germany +++

However, the German U17 national team will have to do without the super-talented Azan Otroko from Schalke 04. The 17-year-old suffered a torn anterior syndesmosis in the group stage and will be out indefinitely.

The DFB received criticism from Schalke’s sporting director Andre Hechelmann. “Contact injuries are unfortunately part of football. However, we would have liked to have had a clear diagnosis so that we would have had a clear communication from the association after the game,” complained Hechelmann. dpa

+++ DFB-Elf want to continue their winning streak +++

The DFB team will be looking to build on a successful group stage in the round of 16. The juniors had three wins against Mexico, Venezuela and New Zealand. U.S. Round of 16 opponents lost 3-0 to France on the final day of group play.