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UEFA Youth League semi-finals: Benfica beat Karimi and Salzburg clear

UEFA Youth League semi-finals: Benfica beat Karimi and Salzburg clear

Benfica beat Juventus in a dramatic fashion in the first semi-final of the UEFA Youth League.

Having endured a number for a long time, the Lisbon team saved itself with a penalty shootout and won there. On the other hand, Salzburg rarely had any problems in their 5-0 win over Atlético Madrid.

The final is now taking place on Monday at 6pm CET and is a repeat of the 2017 final – won by Salzburg…

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Juventus-Benfica 2:2 (3:4 pens)

Highlights: Juventus 2-2 Benfica (3-4 pens).

Benfica took the lead after just three minutes through Martin Neto. Juventus barely had time to recover from the setback before the Portuguese hit a second time at Luis Semedo.

Only later in the first half did Juventus catch themselves and create chances. After Benfica goalkeeper Samuel Soares was sacked, the Italians were outnumbered by more than half.

Torino took advantage of this early in the second half when Angie Shibuzu scored from distance. The equalizer, about 20 minutes from the end, was also stunning when Riccardo Torrica scored a half-ball.

After the regulation time, he went straight to the penalties. Juventus missed two attempts and Benfica only missed one, allowing the Portuguese to celebrate once again by reaching the final.

Interesting statsThis competition may be only eight years old, but Benfica reached the final for the fourth time and now shares that record with Chelsea.

Atletico – Salzburg 0:5

HIGHLIGHTS: Atletico - Salzburg 0: 5

HIGHLIGHTS: Atletico – Salzburg 0: 5

Salzburg dominated the game from the start and took the lead after about 15 minutes when Rokko Simic fired in the cold after an action from Dijon Camiri. Then, 13 minutes later, Simic added the second goal when he converted a penalty after a foul in the penalty area himself.

Atlético then went into the game better, but Salzburg added the third before the break – this time Simic created Cameri’s dream goal in the left corner. They slowed down in the second half, but then scored a fourth when Toljan Sahin’s shot from far hit the crossbar. Shortly before the end of the match, Omar Diakate sent in a cross from Marcel Berke to make the score 5-0.

Interesting statsSalzburg also beat PSG and Atlético en route to the 2017 final – they also met Benfica in the final.

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