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Ukraine: Russian soldiers reportedly shot protesters in Cherson

Ukraine: Russian soldiers reportedly shot protesters in Cherson

A mobile phone video spread on social media on Monday, apparently showing Russian soldiers opening fire on unarmed demonstrators in the occupied city of Kherson.

Russian soldiers reportedly shot protesters in the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson. The information cannot be independently verified at this time. Several videos circulated on social media, supposed to show the incident. They were, among others, the chief correspondent of the Wall Street Journal, Yaroslav Trofimov, co.

The videos show horrific scenes from the city occupied by Russia. The first thing to see is a loud protest by residents in front of the regional administration building On Svobody Square in the city center. Apparently, they call Russian soldiers in Russian “go home.”

Then several tear gas canisters exploded, covering the square with smoke. The protesters fled shortly afterwards when they heard shots from assault rifles, apparently fired from the square.

The shots were initially fired mainly in the air. Additional videos show stun grenades being thrown into the crowd earlier as well.

Another video shows an elderly man lying on the pitch, injured and bleeding profusely. He must have injured his leg. Several other people provide first aid.

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