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Union Gurten 1b: Coach Schustereder at the master’s interview

Union Gurten 1b: Coach Schustereder at the master’s interview

After being relegated last season, Union Gurten 1b managed promotion directly to the District League on Saturday. 7:0 TUS Jegging was swept off the field. In the interview, Gabriel Schusterder (27), who was also at stake as a coach in a relegation year, talks about this season and whether the team will change.

Congratulations Mr. Schusterder! In the end, was it easier than you thought?
Gabriel Schusterder:
We expected it to be exciting until the last lap. Mainly because we didn’t get the best start to the second half of the season. I think the game against Palting/Seeham was the turning point, from that moment on we didn’t concede a goal. We now have a catch-up game on Thursday and then the final round to play. So it’s great that we took the title on Sunday by five points over Wing.

“The match against Palting/Seeham was a turning point in my opinion, from that moment on we didn’t concede goals.” Gabriel Schusterder.

What are the strengths of your team?
Especially after the aforementioned match against Palting/Seeham we had better control of our defense and hardly conceded any goals! Of course, this increases self-confidence, which in turn makes it easier to score goals again.

Will the team change in the region’s league?
A few small changes are basically normal, but we will be able to maintain the best performance, which is counterintuitive in a 1b team.

I have been working as a trainer at Gurten for two years now, or in the field of coaching in general. Once down and now up again. What does this title mean to you personally?

The fact that we got straight back into the regional league is not normal, it was not a definite success and it was the result of hard work by everyone in the team. Especially because not only 1b, but also 1c was able to win the championship title. For me personally, of course, this is great.

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