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United States of America: The Gaza Strip needs more humanitarian aid

United States of America: The Gaza Strip needs more humanitarian aid

According to Israeli sources, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin called for more humanitarian aid to the Palestinian civilian population in the Gaza Strip during a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israeli government press office quoted Austin as saying that it is about how the United States can best support Israel on the path to “permanent” security.

Austin said during the meeting held at the Israeli Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv: “This means that we need to meet the urgent needs and provide more humanitarian aid to approximately two million displaced people in Gaza and distribute that aid better.”

In light of the large number of civilians killed in the Gaza Strip and the increasingly dire humanitarian situation, US President Joe Biden recently warned that Israel was beginning to lose support around the world.

Netanyahu: We are also fighting the Iranian terrorism axis

Netanyahu renewed his country’s determination to achieve “complete victory over Hamas.” It is also a battle against the Iranian terrorism axis, which is now threatening to close the Bab al-Mandab Strait. This threatens freedom of navigation. Netanyahu added that it is good that the United States has taken measures to keep this important sea route open to the whole world.

Austin said the United States would work with navies from other countries to ensure freedom of navigation. He warned in the direction of Tehran that “Iran’s support for Houthi attacks on commercial ships must stop.”