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US approaches Russia on nuclear arms control

US approaches Russia on nuclear arms control

The US government’s offer of nuclear arms control talks to Russia and China ‘without preconditions’ does not mean the nuclear powers will not be held accountable for their reckless behaviour, US President Joe Biden’s national security adviser Jack Sullivan said in Washington today. But instead of waiting for all the differences between the two sides to be resolved, they are ready to start negotiations so that no new conflicts arise.

Earlier this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the suspension of the New START Treaty with the United States, the last major nuclear arms control treaty. It controls both countries’ nuclear arsenals and regulates inspections. It earned severe criticism in the West.

Sullivan said Russia will continue to be notified of ballistic missile launches and major strategic exercises. However, as New START actually envisions, detailed information will no longer be provided to Moscow on a regular basis. “These measures will serve to prevent Russia from reaping the benefits of an agreement that it refuses to respect and uphold the principle of reciprocity (…),” Sullivan said.

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