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Will America get a third party?

Will America get a third party?

Republicans are threatened by a partisan battle in 2024, with President Biden likely to face competition from “independents.” What do the nominations say about the state of American parties?

Now everyone uses two names to talk about the Republican Party: Trump and DeSantis. The former president and his former supporter are now enemies, but if you look at the situation from a distance, you can see that Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis are on the same side of the political spectrum. They represent a faction that creates identity politics and talks loudly about Kulturkamp.

Republicans have a very large majority. The gradual start of the primary campaign for the 2024 presidential election makes it increasingly clear that Trump and DeSantis have a lot going for them. But there are many who hope to at least be heard. Six candidates and one female candidate have already announced bids for the Republican White House ticket, and many more could enter the ring. They will run in the primary next spring.

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