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With Bundestag for one year in the United States

05/08/2022 First Press Release

Bundestag’s CDU member, Erwin Rüddel, recommends applying again for the Parliamentary Sponsorship Program (PPP) this year, which may take place immediately, for which he is again acting as a political sponsor, liaison and aide.

Erwin Rüddel with Katharina Holterhoff, a high school student from Neuwied who successfully applied to participate in the PPP last year. (Photo: Reinhard Vanderfuhr / Büro Rüddel / Archive)

Region. Anyone interested and learning new, different and surprising things about the United States, those who want to participate and those who want to be a junior ambassador for a transfer year and meet the requirements of participation can apply, the relevant press release said. Van Rudel Office.

PPP offers high school students the opportunity to experience what “School Spirit” means and a home with an American host family. The stipend covers the cost of production and support of airline, accommodation, school and insurance and professional transfer companies.

With PPP scholarships, young professionals can work for an American company for six months and then go to college for six months. PPP offers the opportunity to gain international work experience and build relationships that enrich one’s own life.
Young professionals also learn about everyday American life in host families.

These grants include comprehensive preparation and guidance and project expenses such as airfare, insurance and accommodation. For young professionals, an additional contribution of யூ 5,000 is recommended – for example for the purchase of a car.

Applications can be submitted through the German Bundestag’s online service ( during the application period ending Friday, September 9, 2022. Full scholarships are also offered in the United States as part of the PPP. From September 2022, a total of 350 young Americans will come to Germany for ten months. (Evening)

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