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US: Former President Trump meets rapper Kanye West and argues – Politics

US: Former President Trump meets rapper Kanye West and argues – Politics

Former US President Donald Trump has had dinner with rapper Kanye West, known for his anti-Semitic rhetoric and right-wing extremism. Now he justifies himself – both argue about how the evening went. Far-right nationalist Nick Fuentes reportedly attended the dinner at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

He didn’t know Fuentes, Trump wrote on the Truth community site he co-founded. West, who now calls himself Ye, reportedly brought Fuentes, 24, to the meeting last Tuesday. Both have a history of spreading anti-Semitic hate speech.

West posted a video after the dinner Twitter, in which he said Trump was “fascinated” by Fuentes. Fuentes spreads anti-Semitic conspiracy stories and regularly makes racist statements. The Anti-Defamation League calls him a “white supremacist”. The online event organizer opposes women’s rights and discriminates against the LGBTQI community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer and Intersex people).

West reportedly offered to become Trump’s vice president

Trump hasn’t denied participating in the Fuentes meal — but hasn’t publicly confirmed it either. West invited him over dinner, he wrote in Truth Social. “After a while, he unexpectedly appeared with three of his friends whom I did not know.” Others attended the meal, Trump wrote. Republicans are notorious for spreading conspiracy theories. He repeatedly expresses anti-transgenderism and incites against minorities.

Citing an unnamed source, news website “Axios” wrote that Trump was “very impressed” at Fuentes’ dinner. Both talked about various issues including the presidential election. “To be honest, I don’t think the president knows who the hell (Fuentes) is,” Axios quoted the source as saying.

CNN, citing a source familiar with the dinner, said Fuentes was a guest of the West and was not invited by Trump. Referring to West, Trump wrote: “Anyway, we got along very well and he didn’t express anti-Semitism.” Trump added, “Why didn’t I agree to meet with him?”

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The topic of the meal is therefore West’s plans with a view of the White House. He had already filed for President of the United States in 2020 — but he didn’t get on the ballot in most states because of missed registration deadlines. He advised against running for president under any circumstances, Trump continued.

West, on the other hand, said in a video posted on Twitter that he suggested to Trump that the former president could run as his running mate in 2024. Trump yelled at him at the table and let him know he thought West was going to lose, West said. The former president, on the other hand, described the dinner as “disorderly”.

Trump, 76, recently announced his intention to run for the Republican presidential nomination again in 2024. Two years ago, West indicated that he wanted to run again in the 2024 election. Most recently, he posted videos on Twitter with the words “Ye 24”. The 45-year-old was once one of the few stars to publicly speak out for Trump. Because of anti-Semitic statements, the sports goods manufacturer Adidas stopped its cooperation with him.