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US sends aircraft carriers back to South Korea

US sends aircraft carriers back to South Korea

The US has sent an aircraft carrier to South Korea for the second time since earlier this year, as part of its commitment to greater military cooperation. USS Ronald Reagan today arrived at the southeastern port city of Busan with two guided missile cruisers, the command of the US Navy’s Seventh Fleet announced.

According to South Korea’s Defense Ministry, the port visit is part of a bilateral agreement aimed at increasing the “routine visibility” of US strategic weapons systems on the Korean Peninsula. The April deal came in response to North Korea’s efforts to advance its nuclear weapons program.

US and South Korea conduct regular military exercises

The aircraft carrier is expected to remain until Monday. He is usually stationed in Yokosuka, Japan. South Korea and the US continue to conduct joint military exercises. The USS Ronald Reagan on Monday and Tuesday participated in trilateral naval exercises in international waters off the southern coast of the Korean Peninsula alongside South Korean and Japanese naval vessels.

The aircraft carrier USS Nimitz was in South Korea in March. In June, the US deployed a nuclear powered submarine. North Korea, viewed as hostile to the United States, is under severe international sanctions over its nuclear weapons program. It has tested nuclear-tipped missiles again this year.

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