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US warns China against military action on Taiwan

US warns China against military action on Taiwan

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has warned China against military action against Taiwan. “A cross-Strait conflict would be catastrophic,” Austin said at a Shangri-La talk at the Asian Security Conference in Singapore. Austin warned that such an increase would affect the global economy “in ways we cannot imagine”.

China considers Taiwan a part of the People’s Republic of China. The island republic of 23 million people has had an independent government for more than seven decades. Just before the defense conference in Singapore, China’s new defense minister, Li Shangfu, threatened to seize Taiwan again.

US against “unilateral change”.

The US rejected a “unilateral change in status”, Austin stressed. However, in his view, a conflict is “imminent or inevitable”. The United States is committed to maintaining peace and security in the Taiwan Strait, which is critical to global shipping.

The Pentagon chief expressed concern over the lack of communication between the two superpowers, China and the United States. Open communication links are critical to the military and defense politicians, Austin said. “Now is the right time for discussions.”

Referring to a brief meeting with Li Shangfu the night before, Austin said, “A warm handshake over dinner is no substitute for a real argument.” China rejected his request to meet the general in Singapore before the conference.

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