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v1.5 with physics and other improvements, new DLC for Adrenaline, Le Mans and AMS2 Paddock Club

v1.5 with physics and other improvements, new DLC for Adrenaline, Le Mans and AMS2 Paddock Club

( – Already at the beginning of May, Reiza Studios announced major physics revisions for version 1.5 of the PC racing simulator for Automobilista 2. With the significant new release, not only will the simulation be upgraded again in AMS2, but there will also be Further improvements go beyond driving behaviour.

The Adrenaline Pack brings rallycross action to Automobilista 2

In this way, the number of launch fields, previously limited to a maximum of 17 vehicles, could be increased to a minimum of 26 vehicles. In the long term, the current limit of 32 vehicles will be increased. Another ad showing why this is so important. More on that below.

Also with v1.5 there will be improvements in the behavior of AI opponents, which should then challenge players in both dry and wet conditions. In the field of multiplayer, minor revisions are planned that should contribute to a more stable operation in general, while features such as support for voting options and spectator mode should provide an upgrade.

Networking, Artificial Intelligence, Safety Car and other improvements v1.5

A further motorsport atmosphere is ensured by the implementation of a safe car driving clear in front of the starting field and the replacement of public pit crews. In the future, team members working in the fund will wear clothing that matches the season and time period.

The new Adrenaline DLC takes you from the asphalt to the gravel track

Paid Adrenaline DLC will be released alongside V1.5, which will provide the game with a selection of off-road and rallycross racers including Mitsubishi Lancer X, VW Polo RX, rallycross karts and off-road tracks.

On request there is a better view though halo

The circuits feature different rallycross versions of well-known circuits such as Barcelona, ​​Hockenheimring, Nürburgring, Spa-Francorchamps, as well as AMS1 circuits that have been completely upgraded from a technical point of view, such as Ascura, Voz and Tiki. Vehicles and tracks will also appear as individual packages.

Le Mans for Automobilista 2 is coming

Another Automobilista 2 announcement is about the classic 24-hour franchise. Later in 2023, Le Mans is set to allow sim racers to compete in endurance races at the Circuit des 24 Heures, also known as Circuit de la Sarthe. In addition to the current track done with laser scanning, historical versions of the track from 1970 to 1990 are also planned.

Historical track layouts are likely to be time consuming and not available until much later than a modern track. Plans surrounding Le Mans also include related vehicles, including 2023 LMDH Hypercars and LMPs, as well as a new series of 2023 GT3 cars in anticipation of next year’s event.

In terms of historical cars, AMS2 already has several Group C cars from the late 1980s and GT1 cars from the late 1990s. The schedule will be supplemented by several prototypes and GT vehicles from the early 1970s to the mid 1980s.

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Future game additions and the AMS2 Paddock Club

Safety car in front of the AMS2 starting field

The Adrenaline DLC announced above will be the last DLC to be released as part of the 2020-2022 Season Pass, with the exception of the Racin USA Bonus Pack for Season Pass owners. For upcoming new game expansions, Reiza Studios will no longer offer a new Season Pass that provides a discounted way to enjoy additional game content. Instead, the extensions are sold individually.

As the AMS2 community has asked how they can continue to support their racing simulator and the people behind it, Reiza Studios has created the AMS2 Paddock Club, an extension of previous support campaigns and an opportunity to participate in the development of AMS2. The AMS2 Paddock Club can be entered for between $99.99 and $199.99 depending on whether or not you already own a racing slide. More information is available via the link in the official forum.