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Vapiano wants to restart with Pinsa instead of pizza: the daily menu

Vapiano wants to restart with Pinsa instead of pizza: the daily menu

Fabiano wants to make a fresh start this year. However, the famous pizza flies off the menu. Instead, there will be Pinsa soon. This is a flatbread similar to pizza, but the dough cooks longer. In German gastronomy, Fabiano wants to be “a pioneer,” says co-owner Delph Neumann. Almost every third pizzeria in northern Italy is of the pineria type. A few days ago, Tim Malzer also announced the Pinsa Restaurant at Frankfurt Airport.

Like Wirtschaftswoche mentionedFrom September onwards, pizza will no longer be on Vapiano cards. In addition, the company created more space in the menu for vegetarian and vegan dishes and increased the quality of dishes through new recipes and high-quality ingredients. Instead of cheap industrial cheese, there is now Grana Padano. The wine list has also been completely changed, Neumann says in the magazine.

Newman now also wants to make sure that guests who get together can also dine together: “This wasn’t often the case in the past and has always been one of the main criticisms of the Vapiano concept,” Newman told WiWo To do so, he’s now changing Service offers to guests step by step. “Kitchen control systems” are aimed at ensuring that in the future all dishes come to the guests’ disposal at the same time as possible. “We’re pretty sure we’re going to rival those concepts,” Newman tells the magazine.

Vapiano wants to try again now. Newman told “WiWo” that the first restaurants have already opened again, and all Fabianos should be able to welcome their guests again by mid-June.

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With the Pinsa dish, Neumann is not the first large restaurateur to use Germany’s new type of flatbread. A new restaurant is currently being built in Terminal 1 at Frankfurt Airport based on a concept from Hamburger tellerrand Consulting, in which Tim Mälzer is also involved. Starting in July, Italian specialties such as pints, salads and pasta will be served on an area of ​​approximately 170 square meters at Peso dei Bagni. (daily ticket mentioned)

Last year, two months after filing for bankruptcy, restaurant chain Vapiano found a buyer for dozens of restaurants in Germany. The buyer was a consortium led by former Vapiano board member Mario C. Power.

Bauer had previously bought all restaurants in France and Luxembourg with investors. For more than a decade, former Vapiano board member, Bauer, has been jointly responsible for the global success story of German Italian. He wants to revive the company’s previous slogan “All We Do With Love”.

In Germany, Hildesheim-based restaurant Delf Neumann currently operates about 30 restaurants in Vapiano. Neumann, who was himself more than 30 years old Sun Cafe-Restaurants, is also Germany’s main franchisor. This means that Neumann will also take care of the German franchisees for Fabiano from the “Gastro & Soul” headquarters in Hildesheim.