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Various programs for young and old at the Lower Austria Festival »Leidersent

Various programs for young and old at the Lower Austria Festival »Leidersent

| Editorial Board

| 05/23/2023

With 23 premieres in 19 locations, this year marks the Games’ 30th season.

President Christina Springer presented the diverse program of the 30th edition of the Lower Austria Theater Festival to guests from art, culture and business at the Palais Niederösterreich. Sprenger hopes to break the 200,000-visitor mark this year and promises good entertainment for young and old: “The audience should have a good time, they should laugh, they should cry, they should let themselves be moved, simply fall in love with art and culture,” says Springer.

Diversity on stage

Governor Joanna Mikl Leitner was enthusiastic about the range of productions: “Art and culture will be noticeable and tangible in every corner of the country.” The diversity of all genres – from operas and operettas to musicals and spoken theatre – is one reason why the Theater Festival attracts regular audiences and new visitors year after year: “There is something for everyone, presented at the highest quality and with sends with stars and crowd favourites,” he says. Michael-Leitner. The Lower Austria Theater Festival takes place from mid-June to mid-September.

The show was attended by groups from various productions and celebrities from art and culture, including Christian Dix, Adi Hershal, Pia Parrish, Angelika Niedetzky, Christoph Walbel, Gregor Seberg, Reinhard Novak, Verena Schitz, Tini Kainrath, Vincent Bueno, and Christian. Spatzek, Caroline Athanasiadis, Katharina Sunk, Joesi Prokopetz, Markus Freistätter, Mario Reiner or Ruth Brauer-Kvam.

Presentation impressions can be found here and here.