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Veronica and Johannes Aigner win the World Cup – ÖSV

Veronica and Johannes Aigner win the World Cup – ÖSV

Veronica and Johannes Aigner win the World Cup overall

Johannes and Veronica Aigner can look forward to the big crystal football world cup of the 2022/23 Baraski World Cup.

While Johannes took the win early with 16 wins in 16 races, his sister Veronica made it exciting until the final race of the season today at Cortina d’Ampezzo.

Veronica Aigner (Guide: Elisabeth Aigner) scored 80 points, ahead of Italy’s Chiara Mazel, who ranked second in the overall standings for women with visual impairments. Dropped and disqualified, she was 28-hundredths behind compatriot and winner Elena Stari (guide: Anna Stoss) in today’s slalom. The small crystal ball of the World Cup in slalom also goes to Aigner – ahead of Stary and sister Barbara Aigner.

Johannes Aigner and his mentor Matteo Fleischmann left Italy’s Giacomo Bertagnolli 74 one-hundredths behind in yesterday’s race. The third was the Frenchman Hyacinthe Deleplace. Aigner decided not to compete today due to an injury, but still secured his small crystal ball in the slalom.

The giant slalom World Cup mini-crystal ball goes to Bertagnolli, and Aigner is third in the standings. The reason for this was that Aigner had to skip Veysonnaz World Cup races (SUI) due to an injury to his companion Fleischmann.

Veronica Aigner: It means a lot to me, because things haven’t been going smoothly lately and they ended up being pretty close.
There is a lot of hard work behind it and in the end it was a real fight, especially mentally. I dropped out on the first day and got kicked out yesterday. This really gets on your nerves. It’s an indescribable feeling to hold the ball in your hands.”

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Johannes Aigner: “I’m really happy with Big Crystal World. It shows you’ve performed all season and it’s a bonus in a really successful winter.”

Coach Sasha Cavellar: “Veronica had a good season, even if it was still tight in the World Cup as a whole. As you saw today thanks to Elena, the others didn’t sleep either. This should be an incentive for the future. Johannes Aigner’s season was fantastic” he won every time he participated in a cup world and got four out of five possible balls. Marcus Salcher, who was particularly strong in the field of speed and finished third in the overall World Cup, was also very interesting. I hope we can have such a great season next year, repeat year.”