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Victory in Kapfenberg: SKN St.  Pölten, who aspires to promotion – League Two

Victory in Kapfenberg: SKN St. Pölten, who aspires to promotion – League Two

In the last Sunday match of the fourth round in the second ADMIRAL League, the promotion candidate made a guest appearance SKN St. Polten In the KSV 1919. While Kapfenberg’s side wanted to take advantage of a tailwind from victory in Bregenz, Lower Austria was worried about a 0-1 home defeat against FC Liefering for rehabilitation. which was impressive. Wolves beat the Falcons 3-0 and celebrated their second win abroad in the second away game, both in Styria. Former Hartberger and veteran goal scorer Tadic put the guests on the road to victory early (10′), Dumbakse followed up (27′), and Gschweidl got the final score (63′).

Kapfenberg could not stop Andree Neumayer and SKN St. Polten. The 27-year-old summer newcomer from SV Horn is one of the most sought-after reinforcements in the wolf pack.

The result of the veterans of the former Bundesliga – disqualification of the player KSV Thebes

SKN St. Pölten scored the third hat-trick in the fourth game and is the first chaser of GAK 1902 (4 matches = 4 wins), who has so far received from the throne of the table in a white jacket.

And Kapfenberg admitted his second defeat this season, the first at Franz Fikete Stadium, and on top of that he played ten players in the last quarter of the hour. Samuel Ethor Ferreira Guedes – in short – Thebes – who had already received a yellow card – made a totally unnecessary foul, at which point referee Florian Jaeger pulled the traffic light card (79th).

About the course of the game and the goals: Lower Austrians started furiously. After Marcel Retzmaier missed the crossbar with his brilliant shot from 25 meters (7), Dario Tadic scored shortly afterwards to give the visitors an early lead after a superb run (9). Mark Stendera with an emotional cross to Bernd Gschwedel, who continued on the track and blocked it with Dario Tadic. The rest was a matter of form from the 33-year-old former Harburger – 0: 1.

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In the middle of the first half, the Wolves increased to 2: 0, with a nice help from the full-back Kapfenberg. Niklas Zrincci wasn’t able to clear the ball in the 16th minute, so the ball landed in the corners and Andre Neumayer at former Steyr Dombaksi, who made it 2-0 at half-time in favor of SKN (27).

After changing teams, Bernd Gschwedel finally clarified everything after about an hour of playing. The assistant who scored St. Polten’s first goal deflected a half-high cross from Mark Stendera perfectly to make it 3-0 in favor of the visitors (62nd).

Bolten is the first player in the GAK 1902 with a well-deserved victory, the second away from home after 4 rounds against the promoted DSV Leoben, and KSV 1919 in the table 12. 4 additional points.

ADMIRAL 2nd League, 4th Round

Sunday, August 20, 2023, 12:30 p.m., Franz Vechetti Stadium, Z: 500; SR: Florian Jaeger.

KSV 1919 vs SKN St. Polten 0:3 (0:2)

KSV 1919: Richard Stribinger – Niklas Sirenci (46. Philip Whipple), Philip Seidel (78. Yao-Olivier Jocelyn Nze), Christoph Peschorner, Luis Fernando Vázquez Diaz (46. Sebastian Lemhofer), Tobias Mandler, David Heindl – Meletius Miskovich, Talison Do Nascimento Coimbra (78. Luca Hassler) – Matthias Puschl (K, 55. Artur Murza), Samuel Ethor Ferreira Guedes. trainer: mag. Abdullah Abrakovic.

SKN St. Polten: Franz-Valentin Stolz – Stefan Thisker, Christian Ramspener (right), Dirk Delfin Carlson, Julian Kiplinger (66. Kevin Monzialo), Gerhard Mina Dombaksi – Andre Neumayer, Mark Stendera (66. Christoph Messerer) – Bernd Schwedel (66. Dean) Parloff), Marcel Retzmaier (78. Daniel Schutz), Dario Tadic (88. Rio Nita). trainer: Emmanuel Bogatetz.

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scoring: 0: 1 Tadic (10th), 0: 2 Dumbakse (27th), 0: 3b.

Yellow cards: Bushell (50), Mandler (70), Miskovic (85) / Kiplinger (56)

red yellow: Samuel Ethor Ferreira Guedes, in short: good (80th, repeated foul play), KSV coach Adulah Ibrakovic (86th, repeated criticism)


Image credit: GEPA-ADMIRAL