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Video: Migrants deliver food from Mexico to border fence – US

Deliveries are made by courier drivers who receive their trips through the app in Tijuana.

A gas station is the address for delivery. From there, immigrants can see detainees awaiting their orders behind the barrier that now stands on American soil.

Delivery is not easy. Couriers had to climb a small but steep slope of rocks and brush to reach a large metal fence. “Pizza?”, “Chicken?!” Immigrants scream.

“Chicken is $20 and pizza is $10,” said Sneider Moreno of Bucaramanga, Colombia, who arrived at the border last Monday.

“We’re waiting for the US government to let us,” says Moreno, who hopes to end Title 42, the US regulation that expires this Thursday. Since 2020, it has been possible to deport migrants to Mexico without an asylum check due to the health risks posed by Covid-19.

Within about 10 minutes, five motorcycles loaded with food and drinks pull up on the street.

“Sometimes we bring groceries and sell them here,” explains Joel Sanchez, one of the delivery drivers.

Some orders are placed directly by immigrants, but there are also those who pay for groceries from Mexico and ask for them to be delivered to this location on the highway.

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