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Vienna crowned the most beautiful woman in Europe |  research!

Vienna crowned the most beautiful woman in Europe | research!

Miss Europe 2021

On August 21, 30 young women in Vienna will vote for the most beautiful woman in Europe. The international jury includes artists and costume designer Ilian Rachoff, ORF Dancing Star choreographer Connie Kreuter and superstar basketball star Ines Moratti. The gala celebration is organized under the theme “Beauty for a Cause” at the Event Pyramid Hotel in Vossendorf. Artist Alphonse Haider performs during the evening with charming broadcaster Diana Koenig. In three rounds – casual looks, traditional costumes and evening dresses – the ladies introduce themselves to about 240 invited guests.

“In the finals there are strong women who change and shape the world every day with behavior, conviction and character.”, so Dear Miss Earth Chef Ramon S. Monzine. “We are not only looking for the most beautiful woman in Europe, but for a role model for an entire generation of young women.” The future MISS EUROPE and its deputies act, among other things, as ambassadors for the environment and conservation of the earth, the promotion of culture, the defense of healthy life and sport, and they also support humanitarian campaigns and environmental organizations.

In addition to MISS EUROPE and its three deputies, Miss Europe Photogenic and Witch Europe crystals and badges will also be awarded this evening. Three Austrians have earned these titles: 21-year-old Upper Austria Sarah Marie FischerderWho preferred 26 years Nicoletta Bobadina 25-year-old Seringer and Miss Vienna Beatrice Cormer.

The band will provide music entertainment in German, English and Spanish hunger With lead singer Lukas Fendrich, co-star of The Voice Austria Laura Aya | As well as the Starmania filter Danny Lea.

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Miss Europe # go look! STYLE AWARDS

By the way: Miss Europe and Miss Vienna nominee Beatrice Kormer will do just that On September 9th, it was the grand finale of this year’s #appearance! Moderate Style Awards! And who knows – with a little luck she will even straighten out as the current Miss Europe! Anyway, we’re keeping our fingers crossed!