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Vienna Shorts: Moharawi Austrian Short Film Award - Kultur Wien

Vienna Shorts: Moharawi Austrian Short Film Award – Kultur Wien

Vienna Shorts: Mo Hrawi Award. He was awarded the Stadtkino in the Künstlerhaus in Vienna.

Mo Hrawi was awarded the Austrian Short Film Award at the Vienna Short Film Festival, which concluded on Monday.

The director received a prize of 4,000 euros (plus a production voucher of 2,000 euros) at the Stadtkino in the Künstlerhaus for the drama Will My Parents Come To See Me, which brought him back to his native Somalia. The festival announced that it is also participating in the race for the Oscars.

Vienna shorts: Gratzer Prize

Alexander Grazer received the jury prize in the Austrian competition with the film In The Upper Room, while Anna Lehner received the Youth Jury Prize for the film “Brise” and Lia Sudermann and Simon Nagy were able to assert themselves with the audience (“Invisible Hands”) The duo also received the Social Responsibility Award, which was presented for the first time and a financial prize of 2000 euros.Majed Al-Rumaihi again succeeded in winning the international Fido competition: his film “Then They Burn the Sea” was awarded the Vienna Film Award, which is worth 5000 euros, which The Qatari-born director also qualified for Academy Awards.Adam Selard, Chloe Farr and Gabrielle Silent received the Jury Prize for “Au revoir Jérôme”.

Vienna Shorts: Nearly 250 films can be seen in Vienna cinemas

Atsushi Wada won the Avantgarde Animation competition with “Bird in the Peninsula”, which cost 2,000 euros. Here the jury awarded Hannah Stragoles and Simon Steinhurst another award for Doom Cruise. The clip for the song “Make Me Cry” by On Bells, shot by Matthew Gerges, won the Austrian Music and Video Prize (1,500 euros). Zou Jing (“Lili Alone”) was awarded the Elfi Dassanowsky Award as the best director of the festival. At the festival, nearly 250 films were shown in selected Vienna cinemas, but Vienna Shorts also offers an extensive online program until the end of June. In all, this year’s show includes about 360 films from 70 countries.

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