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Vienna weather forecast: The long weekend will be sunny and dry

Vienna weather forecast: The long weekend will be sunny and dry

Saturday, Pentecost Sunday and Monday will still be dry with many hours of sunshine.

Vienna. Another long weekend before Vienna. Those who cannot certainly will not miss the opportunity to spend the next three days in nature. And the weather will also continue, because it will be sunny and dry.

Let’s start with that Saturday: In the May 27th The sun shines most of the day and there are only a few fair weather clouds during the day. Moderate winds from the north bring temperatures around 10 degrees In the morning as well as up 22 degrees afternoon.

Weather on Pentecost

There is also mostly sunshine Pentecost Sunday May 28th. Even if some cumulonimbus clouds form during the day, these do not disturb the sunny impression. In the morning there is a great start – “just” 9 degrees – During the day he wakes up with a slight wind 24 degrees Give.

and the Pentecostal, May 29, still similarly dry with plenty of sunshine. Although cumulonimbus clouds will form again in the afternoon and the risk of rain or thunderstorms will increase slightly, it will still be mostly dry. Light to moderate winds and temperatures between 11 and again 24 degrees.

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