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Zoff in Schwechat: Loyal Parking: “We take every customer seriously”

Zoff in Schwechat: Loyal Parking: “We take every customer seriously”

A parking lot in Shwechat raises a lot of excitement. The shopping center was “robbed,” a letter to the editor claims. Upon request, Loyal Parking answered area newspaper questions.

WECHAT. In mid-May, an angry letter from the editor crept into the editorial office of a local newspaper in Shweishat. Eva T. from Schwechat and other readers were victims of a robbery in the parking lot of the Franz Schuber-Strasse 5 shopping center in Schwechat.

Have you ever been a victim of “theft” in a parking lot?

The letter to the editor caused a great deal of excitement. A few affected people contacted the editors, many commented on social media or turned their backs on the mall.

“Loyal parking” ready to talk

Shueishat county newspapers immediately investigated this issue. The owners of the area have been identified. Unfortunately, this was not open to conversation.

We were able to establish contact with Jens’ skull for this. He is the CEO of Loyal Parking, the parking management company that controls the parking lot. We were promised an interview in a very short time, where he would go over the issue and confirmed from the first contact:

“Our job is to keep the parking lot free of extended parking.”

Penalty for prolonged parking

The letter to the editor has already mentioned that the parking space monitoring mission is to ensure free parking spaces. This is the only way that customers can access the relevant trading companies. In the case of Franz Schubertstrasse, there were fewer and fewer long-term hikers. Camera surveillance has been in place here for a few weeks.

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“Unfortunately, in the affected location it is necessary to fine parkers who exceed the maximum parking time of 180 minutes. We act on behalf of the owner of the parking area and clearly and comprehensively present our General Terms and Conditions on our activity parking and imminent contractual penalty. “, explains Loyal Parking in an exclusive interview with the district newspapers in Shwechat.

Service for customers and trade

In personal conversations between the editor and Jens skull, he emphasized that errors in the system could not be ruled out.

“Wherever technology is in use, it can go wrong. The rate of any errors is well below one percent. We also know that our customer service is not perfect yet when it comes to inquiries, but we are working hard to improve it every day.”

In the conversation, Shadel emphasized advantages for retail businesses, such as big increases in sales and free parking spaces for customers. It also resolved any issues with wrongly parked trucks or campers occupying, damaging and damaging parking spaces overnight.

The sign at the entrance indicates the duration of control and parking.  |  Photo: Alexander Paul

“Of course, we take every customer seriously if they believe they have been wrongly punished. If that is the case, please do not hesitate to contact us directly via email. We will of course take care of your case,” Skull reassured the managing director Jens.

Affected customers may contact Loyal Parking Customer Service directly at [email protected].

Tired when shopping

Parking controls are now in place almost everywhere in Schwechat. Not only through the “green” zone, which has been in force throughout the city since March 2022, but also in parking lots of shopping centers and retail businesses.

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At Möhringgasse, checks are still done manually. The staff here made sure we didn’t exceed the 90 minute parking time. At Penny’s, you also have about 60 minutes to shop.

This is not enough time for the elderly and people who want to shop in peace. Description of one reader.

A query of Spar revealed: “Standing time is 90 minutes. That’s normal time for a grocery store – shopping at EUROSPAR doesn’t take long.”

Don’t aim for longer parking here, after all, you’re just visiting a shop there. Eurospar is satisfied with the maximum parking time of 90 minutes, because

Everyone wants to stand while shopping. She says from spa sideright

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