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View cars in the car dealership: Falbesoner, Fittipaldi, Trulli and much more

View cars in the car dealership: Falbesoner, Fittipaldi, Trulli and much more

When the Valbissonner family calls for a car show, Toyota fans flock to the Toyota Temple in Bergitz!

Birgitz. RAV4, Yaris, AYGO, Corolla, GR Supra, Prius Plug in, Highlander, Proace and more. Hybrid is one of those terms that has revolutionized the world of cars. Endless color combinations and equipment in all versions. In other words: from small cars to mid-range cars, from campervans that finally sent the Bulli era into the past, to power wagons for everyone who has something to transport, it’s all here.

Special edition

Then there are the Falbesoner racing cars, which make the hearts of those who love something special beat faster in the sports section. Then you decide Emerson Fittipaldi edition Or the Jarno Trulli Edition, Then you can look forward to the finest workmanship down to the smallest detail.

Birgitte Valbissoner, Tina Reiser Winkler, Alina Valbissoner and Paula Ploncer agree that the GR Supra 3.0 is for women!  |  Photo: Hussle

Relax stress

Of course, the car show offers a relaxed atmosphere as the Toyota Valbissonner sausages do not come from Japan, but from the region. Likewise, everyone who loves good music and live information from local events got their money’s worth with the live broadcast from Radio U1 Tirol with presenter Lukas Brunner. However, anyone who looks around at the traditional display, opens the doors and sits in the cockpit can’t deny the moments of tension. “Reliability in all matters has always been essential at Toyota. Now, with new modern drives, equipment details and fast special editions, many more components are being added.” This is what the expert says – and if you want to know more, you should contact Walter Valbissonner immediately.
The best opportunity is tomorrow, Saturday, September 30, when the car show enters its second session.

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