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"Viva la Diva - Who is the Queen?": New RTL raffle show

“Viva la Diva – Who is the Queen?”: New RTL raffle show

A set of popular formats

With “Viva la Vida – Who is the Queen?” RTL is trying its hand at a show that combines two popular formats. Guessing fever has reached Germany, most recently since the debut of “The Masked Singer” in 2019 on ProSieben. Since the massive success of the singing rate show, many similar formats have been launched. Among them are “Pretty in Plush” on Saturday 1 (2020), and “Big Performance – Who’s the Star in the Star?” (2020) on RTL and “Who is the Phantom?” (2021) or “The Masked Dancer” (2022) on ProSieben.

The reality contest shows all about drag queens, on the other hand, they weren’t really able to gain a foothold in Germany. However, the American format “RuPaul’s Drag Race” has been gaining more and more fans around the world for many years and has had successful international franchises. The offer is now available in Canada, Spain, the Netherlands and Great Britain, among other countries. In it, the best drag queens in each country fight for the next “Drag Superstars” title. The German version, “Queen of Drags” (2019) with Heidi Klum (49), Conchita Wurst (33) and Bill Kaulitz (32), did not find as many fans in this country as hoped.

RTL did not design the show itself. Originally from the Netherlands, where it is titled “Make Up Your Mind” and first aired in 2021. The show was so well received that a second season of five episodes was added this year. On display rights be loud Dutch media Not only Germany was interested, but also television producers from China and the United States.