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Das Traunsee opens new suites

Das Traunsee opens new suites

Contains 12 new suites Hotel “The Traunsee” To give it now – these have names like “Salzkammergut” or “Daydream”. The new suites are decorated in elegant shades of brown and green and, thanks to the panoramic windows, are intended to provide relaxation and relief from the stresses of everyday life. All suites are furnished with a balcony on the lake side. Bonus point: This house is the only hotel with direct access to the lake in Traunsee in Upper Austria.

The Gröller family acquired the house in the early 1970s and has consistently focused on hearty food. The Jesuits were already using the historic walls as a brewery. With Lukas Nagl, Bootshaus has developed into a culinary hotspot in the area over the past 10 years. The 4-toque restaurant is built right on top of the harbor. The unusual location on the peninsula presents an amazing stage during the fun journey under the slogan “Changes in Values”.

If you want to leave the restaurant and hotel: the village of Traunkirchen is located just below the local mountain Traunstein. There, the thousand-year-old monastery, and the famous Fishermen’s Chancellery of the Parish or Calvary Church are popular attractions.

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