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“Voice of Freedom” begins despite controversy in German cinemas

“Voice of Freedom” begins despite controversy in German cinemas

The sold-out suspense thriller, which opens in US theaters July 4, is about government agent and human rights activist Tim Ballard (Jim Caviezel – “The Passion of the Christ”), who protects children from human traffickers through reconnaissance and covert missions. . USA with revenues of over $180 million for the sudden hit. It has now been announced that The Voice of Freedom will also start showing in German cinemas. Distributor Capelight Pictures has acquired the rights and is releasing the work November 8, 2023 on the plates.

As is well known, the success of American cinema has been overshadowed by controversy: for example, the involvement of lead actor Jim Caviezel, who has repeatedly represented many QAnon conspiracy theories in the past. The same applies to the real Tim Ballard, who has attracted attention with similar and absurd opinions. However, director Alejandro Monteverde has now distanced himself from the film and distanced himself from the protagonists in a recent interview with US trade magazine Variety. He also stated that, unlike the two, he refused to attend the screening of the film in the presence of former US President Donald Trump. (cb/ck)

German distributor Capelight appears to be aware of the issue and has posted the following statement in parallel with announcing the theatrical release:

“We begin showing The Voice of Freedom in German cinemas on November 8. However, anyone looking for conspiracy theories of any kind in this film will be disappointed. Anyone hoping for this should save themselves buying a ticket. The Voice of Freedom is an emotional and thrilling drama about an important issue that deserves media attention.As a distributor, we do not stand behind the statements of the individual participants in the film and will not give these participants a platform in Germany.Director Alejandro Monteverde, with whom we had the honor of working on Little Boy, has distanced himself from Those statements. Therefore, we will not put forward any offers to interview these talents in the German press.”

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