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“Voice of Germany” 2022 without Lina Jerke

  • Lena Jerky has been in front of the camera on “The Voice” for years
  • This year it has been suspended
  • this is the reason

Lena Gercke (34) has been running “The Voice of Germany” with Thore Schölermann (37) since 2015. This makes her one of the veterans of the casting show.

However, “The Voice” is only one of Lena’s mainstays: the blond beauty also adapts to other formats, is a model and now owns her own fashion company. In July 2020, Lena also became the mother of little Zoe.

In fact, it should come as no surprise that Lina announced on Instagram that she would at least temporarily give up one of her professional projects – “The Voice of Germany”.

For this reason, Lena Gercke will be on ‘The Voice’ in 2022

Lena Jerke published three photos showing her in the studio “Voice of Germany”. There she smiles softly at the camera. Under this post, she addresses her fans in a long text and explains her decision: “Dear friends, I think you can see from these pictures how much fun I’ve always had with “The Voice of Germany”! With a sad heart I decided to suspend moderation this year. Everyone who knows me knows that this decision was not easy for mestart with us.

Also interesting:

With the founding of LeGer GmbH, it became “The entire professional structure has changedThe position of general manager bringsNot only many new missions“With himself, but also a lot of responsibility.

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LeGer is still a startup and under construction. We are in the basic stage of establishing the company […] The pre-Christmas period in particular was and always has been a prime for LeGer. In no other season do we devote as much energy and attention as this seasonYoung mother continues.

In the lead up to Christmas, the production of “Voice of Germany” has always dominated for the past six years. for us”It’s a very nice time, but also an intense time” Also. “I always say when I do something, I do it 100 percent. As an entrepreneur, but above all as a mother, I am more challenging than ever to put things aside – and this is very difficult. Professionally, LeGer needs maximum attention this yearLina Jerk says.


Lina Jerky

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Above all, LeGer’s goal is to strengthen the company on the Board of Directors in the coming years, which is why Lena hopes”In 2023 I will also be able to carry out other tasks and functions more intensivelyTo be able to. She also does not rule out a return to ‘The Voice of Germany’, which would make fans very happy.

In conclusion, the former GNTM winner wrote: “I hug the whole team and wish you a great season. Thank you @thoreschoelermann, thanks to an incredibly great team! I will miss you this year. See you very soon, Lina. In the comments, both the ‘The Voice’ family and Lena Gercke’s followers are more than understanding in regards to their decision.

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