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Michelle has to quit "Let's Dance" because of back problems

Michelle has to quit “Let’s Dance” because of back problems

Pop singer Michelle (“Who Loves Life”) can no longer dance on RTL’s “Let’s Dance” due to back problems. Unfortunately, the 50-year-old had to leave the show for good, the radio reported Thursday in Cologne. The reason is the return of problems: “In the coming weeks, sports will be a taboo for you according to the doctor’s orders and that means you will be on the dance floor.”

Meanwhile, that means writer Caroline Busbach – the daughter of long-time CDU MP Wolfgang Busbach – is getting a second chance, according to RTL. The 32-year-old was recently eliminated from the show. Now she’s back.

Michele appeared on “Let’s Dance” alongside professional dancer Christian Polanc. Some people considered her a favorite at first because she has choreography expertise. The 50-year-old lives in Cologne and represented Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2001, coming in at number eight with Wer Liebe Leben (Wer Love Lives).

The next episode of “Let’s Dance” will air tomorrow Friday (8:15 PM). In addition to Victoria Swarovski, Daniel Hartwich will be straight again, RTL announced. The 43-year-old left the mediator position last week due to a positive coronavirus test. His colleague Jan Coben intervened for him.

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