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“Voice of Germany” |  Lower Carinthian singer arrives for live performances

“Voice of Germany” | Lower Carinthian singer arrives for live performances

Emily Miles (33) from Miklózów in Settersdorf/Zittara Vas is one step closer to her dream of becoming a singer. You have now reached the semi-finals of the “Voice of Germany” program and thus to the live shows. “The debut should be remembered. Emily has a powerful voice,” Ronan Keating said on Saturday, November 17.

With “respect” for Aretha Franklin, Miles “intimidated” the other star coaches to the point where they would not allow any of their students to compete against them. Miles has been relaxing in her ‘hot seat’ since the start of the show and has managed to secure a ticket to the semi-final in the finale, which will be shown on Saturday 1st December. Her coach, Ronan Retting, is very proud of her. “She deserves it,” he said.

The singer, who hails from Panama, has been living in the Settersdorf community for two years. The mother of an eight-year-old daughter also takes care of the children of the “Sewirtes” chief on Lake Klopen four times a week. Miles works behind the counter there in the summer. Miles will also be with her mother in Panama until November 19. “Then she will come with us to Carinthia for a while,” says Miles, who came to Austria through her sister. She also lives with her family in Lower Carinthia, just five minutes from Mile’s apartment.

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