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Photo idea as travel idea: Seidel studio in Cesky Krumlov

Photo idea as travel idea: Seidel studio in Cesky Krumlov

A piece of cultural history of the Bohemian Forest, and a piece of world history in private: Fotoatelier Seidel Museum in Cesky Krumlov – a slightly different visit to the top of Vltava.

It’s not as if Cesky Krumlov hasn’t been discovered yet. There is the mighty castle that towers over the city, as if it came from a vision of Franz Kafka. There is the Baroque palace theatre, the only one of its kind, complete with stage machinery, booklets and rigging, preserved in its original form, as if Prince Schwarzenberg had just left it. There’s the Egon Schiele Art Center with its small but fascinating gallery of biographies and works of the same name and the always surprising temporary exhibitions of contemporary Czech art. Last but not least, there is the city itself with its narrow streets and picturesque squares, beautifully brought together in the Vltava Ring.

Cesky Krumlov gem

All this has been the destination of international tourist flows for many years and has been described much and even more impressively. However, even in Cesky Krumlov, which is little appreciated by the tourist community, there are still many small miracles waiting to be appreciated.

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