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Wedding Day February 22 2022: Top Ten Love Songs for Schlager Fans

Wedding Day February 22 2022: Top Ten Love Songs for Schlager Fans

Today is wedding day! On February 22, 2022 there will be a lot of activity in the registration offices in Germany. Those who were not able to tie the knot on this special date in time can at least indulge in their romantic thoughts. Here is a selection of some of Schlager’s most beautiful love songs.

Andrea Berg: “Yes, I want”

There is perhaps no address more appropriate for a dream wedding! You just have to say “yes”…

Michelle: “Great love”

This powerful title is a perennial favorite of the successful queen. Even if he’s older – luckily there’s still plenty of love left today!

DJ Ötzi & Nik P: “One Star”

Anyone can sing along with this often covered song. One of the biggest and most romantic songs ever.

Helen Fisher: “Let me be who I am”

For die-hard Helen Fisher fans, this sentimental song has always been one of the diva’s best. So it’s no longer insider advice at the festivities either.

Roland Kaiser: “Love Saves Us”

Written by former Rosenstolz singer Peter Plate and partner Ulf Leo Sommer, this song impresses with its in-depth message. Love as a cure for all!

Beatrice Egli: “My Heart”

With that title, the Swiss sang her way to winning “DSDS” in 2013. He’s still very popular among fans today, even if Beatrice’s musical evolution is now evident.

Semino Rossi: “The roses are red”

A classic of the Argentine singer. Who can’t sing by heart?

Munich Freedom: “Without you (I won’t sleep tonight)”

This song has absolute cult status. Almost every German can sing the famous lines out loud.

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Peter Maffei: “So are you”

This song is a great declaration of love with guaranteed goosebumps.

Roy Black: “All in White”

With this song, Roy Black made his breakthrough to stardom 56 years ago. Since then it has not lost its popularity and is still popular at weddings.