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Wells Anniversary Season Concert with Sign Up – Wells City Administration

Wells Anniversary Season Concert with Sign Up – Wells City Administration

For 20 years, the Wels concert series – from orchestral concerts and classical chamber music to contemporary music – has been available in subscription form. In addition to large and well-known orchestras, Wels subscription concerts also provide a stage for up-and-coming young conductors, soloists and orchestras, surprising Wels’ music-loving audiences.

Last season 2022/2023 For the first time, Wells got all 15 dates for the subscription concerts free Make it accessible. It was working with one Workload from 100 percent Not only was it very successful, it also led to one He increases the Subscription sales For the following season 2023/2024: with 367 subscribers From Wales and outside the city limits one He increases around 38 percent Similar to the last comparative season 2021/2022. the Highest growth There was a connection to partition in Silver subscriptions For the entire concert program at 74%, followed by large orchestra subscriptions at 70% and concert screening subscriptions at 61%.

This is from director Helmut Schmidinger’s Anniversary Season “20 Years of Wells Subscription Concerts” The software created is the driving force behind both new as well as that Loyal subscribers Attending parties. almost Is this – at 7:30 p.m. – with Haydn’s orchestra conducted by Nicholas Altstadt in Tuesday 17 October At Stadttheater Greif (Rainerstraße 2) and with Amarcord Vienna on Tuesday 24 October Possible in Minoriten (Minoritenplatz 4). the The whole game plan under Under the point “Culture Subscriptions” Visible.

Mayor Dr. Andreas Rabel: “Last season’s free concerts convinced many music lovers of the high quality of subscription concerts. In this way, many future subscribers were gained. Subscription is a tribute to the high quality and a thank you to the artists for their outstanding achievements.

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Cultural Officer, Deputy Mayor Christa Ragel-Müllberger: “It is good that we have been able to bring a wide range of our concerts closer to the public through free subscriptions and inspire many new subscribers to the Wels cultural programme. I would especially like to thank the visitors who have been loyal to us for many years. I am looking forward to the events in this anniversary season!”

Photo references: Niklas Schnaubelt (Haydn Orchestra) and Nancy Horwitz (Amarcord Vienna). Free reprint if noted.